• Why Breathing Air Quality Testing is Important for Your Emergency Response Capability

Why Breathing Air Quality Testing is Important for Your Emergency Response Capability

Breathing air compressors are used to fill certified pressure vessels such as SCBA cylinders – the source of breathing air connected to Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus – worn by emergency response personnel in an incident requiring human intervention to protect life and / or property.

Air delivered from breathing air compressor systems of any type used to fill these cylinders must comply with Australian Standard AS 1715/16 for SCBA or AS 2299.1 for SCUBA (underwater breathing apparatus) with the primary difference being around water content. Both standards deal explicitly with carbon dioxide content, carbon monoxide content, water content, oil content and odour.

Basic testing is generally conducted using a litmus type test through various chemical mediums contained in tubes connected to a manifold through which air is passed at pre-set flow rates, although a failed test may be sent to an appropriate laboratory for full spectrum analysis should further investigation be required to determine potential sources of contamination.

Air Quality Testing should be carried out on a quarterly basis for “live” filling systems, or prior to filling breathing air pressure vessels for systems that are taken offline between uses and generally form a critical part of the compressors scheduled maintenance routine. Applications such as fire stations are a prime example of this as they utilise breathing air on a very regular basis, whether for training or incident response purposes.

FRSA offer scheduled Air Quality Testing, breathing air compressor sales, installation, and maintenance programs, as well as supply and maintenance of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus for emergency response agencies and private operations with on-site Emergency Response capabilities throughout Australia and New Zealand. If your organisation has a requirement for self-contained breathing air equipment, line supply equipment, or breathing air compressor systems, why not give FRSA a call and our team will assist with recommending an appropriate supply and through-life maintenance package suitable for your specific application.

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