Denstock Australia is a proud, family-owned enterprise that exclusively represents renowned global brands in Australia, including Fifty-Fifty insulated water bottles, Grisport, Hi-Tec, and Magnum footwear, the world's number one uniform footwear brand. As the leading distributor of uniform footwear, they have established strong partnerships with prestigious organisations such as the Police, SES, Correctional Departments, Ambulance Services, and Fire Agencies across the country and have done so for 20 years.

With a rich legacy, Denstock Australia has consistently delivered superior product lines of the highest quality at competitive prices nationwide. They prioritise excellent customer service and offer an extensive range of vendor refill products, ensuring convenient ordering and prompt fulfilment.

Denstock has been involved with Magnum in Australasia since its inception in 1982. As with Hi-Tec, Denstock is involved with Magnum product development and enhancement to ensure all products are designed for Australian conditions and end users. Magnum was born in 1982 through demand for lightweight, athletically built black tactical boots from the FBI training centre in Virginia, USA. Officers had been wearing the Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Hiking Boot but wanted a black, high-top version so Hi-Tec developed a tactical boot constructed using sports shoe materials. Since 1990 from being established in the USA market, and as Workwear Group will no doubt know, the Magnum range has been developed to cater for the global demand for uniform footwear to meet the different requirements of military, police and emergency services around the world. Since 2002 Magnum has operated as a standalone brand separate from Hi-Tec with its own dedicated design and development teams. Today Magnum is sold in 100 countries around the world for Law Enforcement, Military, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue professionals.

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