• ESKA


ESKA doesn’t orient themselves according to standards. They set them.

Complete concentration on the product gloves, has provided ESKA with a market leader position in respect of quality. They use this position to set new sustainable quality standards. Worldwide!

ESKA AUSTRALIA is a family owned and operated company located in QLD. Their staff has over 20 years of experience in the Fire and Emergency Services Industry. Research and development are ESKA’s passion and they pride themselves on being the leader in hand protection and allowing greater access for the Australian public to access such a great product through National distributorship networks. The gloves ESKA offer are made for Australian Standards and conditions which ensures that they are not offering an inferior product trying to fit into this market sector.

ESKA’s vision:
“We are producing gloves, that´s our recipe for success. We have always done something, in which we have an idea of. This differs us from some competition.“
(Paul Loos, Junior CEO)

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