Based out of the Seattle, Washington area, Masterline, Inc. has been serving the high pressure gas market for nearly 30 years. Their foundation has been built upon the designing and servicing of high pressure gas equipment and controls. Through many years of proven service to this community, they have developed our line of electric booster pumps.  These units are essential to the health and safety of the users of high pressure oxygen, air, and other specialty gases.  With over 15 years of proven service, Masterline Inc. booster pumps have become an invaluable piece of safety equipment to customers in the mining industry, military, fire departments, EMS, and more. Masterline Inc. are proud to service this global community, and feel it is their duty to help protect the lives of those that protect others.

Masterline's mission is to continue their tradition of providing safe and reliable equipment along with the excellent customer support that follow.

A gas booster is a device which increases the gas pressure from a low-pressure inlet source to a high-pressure outlet destination (such as an SCBA).  Masterline Boosters can be used in numerous applications.  Anywhere high-pressure gas is needed, there is a potential need for a booster pump.

The fire fighting and rescue industries are shifting to smaller SCBA's to reduce the overall weight of the equipment carried by fire fighters and rescue workers.  Therefore, it is possible to use physically smaller cylinders and fill them to higher pressures.  To fully utilize the new cylinders, a booster in combination with a cascade system, will ensure complete fills and eliminates the need for an expensive compressor that is capable of the high pressure requirements of the new cylinders.

Because their boosters are capable of boosting many types of gas, including pure oxygen, the applications are not limited by high purity requirements.  A few examples of Masterline's current customer base is:

  • Mine Rescue
  • Fire/EMS
  • Military
  • HALO 
  • Diving
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