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FRSA specializes in routine service, maintenance, commissioning and overhaul of emergency response equipment. 
Our philosophy is that the better maintained your equipment is, the less likelihood of breakdown occurring when you need it most.

When lives are on the line it is critical that all life safety and rescue equipment are compliant to local and international standards, which includes following a service regime in accordance with manufacturer requirements.

A well-coordinated service program will maximise the life of your equipment and will protect the warranty that comes with all new product purchases.

FRSA has in house technical service and repair centres located in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.  Our highly skilled and competent team of technicians can service your equipment on site or in our state of the art service centres. We also have a fleet of fully functional mobile service units ready to respond to your service requirements, around the country.

FRSA is a quality-endorsed company independently assessed each year by DNV.  The systems and processes we employ ensure safe work practises and risk assessments are completed prior to any job being started ensuring a safe outcome is always achieved for our staff and customers. 

Our goal is to ensure your assets are ready for your next operational deployment and the life of the asset is maximised through a proactive maintenance programme.


FRSA’s service capability is extensive and covers most disciplines of emergency response.

We have structured our service capability, so all your essential equipment can be serviced at one time by one service provider.

This results in a streamlined service regime, one that is easier to manage and one that provides efficiencies that save time and money.
Understanding the service regime for every item of equipment can be a challenge for any operation, and FRSA are highly proficient at tailoring a service plan for your company.
FRSA guarantee quality service outcomes, that will deliver measurable and sustained benefits to your company, whilst ensuring compliance and operational readiness of critical life-saving equipment.



FRSA hold an extensive array of spare parts to support a large number of manufacturers and a large range of specialized emergency response equipment. 

Our quarterly service schedules are analysed to ensure parts are always available for programmed work.

In addition to programmed work, we understand that breakdowns occur so we also cater for common non-scheduled repairs as well.



FRSA has invested heavily in specialized test equipment and tools to ensure all work on critical life-saving equipment is carried efficiently, accurately and 100% in line with the relevant standards and manufacturer’s service requirements. 
Our service capability are some of the widest in the industry. Services range from breathing air compressor installations and overhauls, nozzle repair and hydraulic tool servicing, through to CABA fill station and storage POD overhauls.
Contact FRSA to consolidate your entire emergency response servicing requirements and ensure your life saving equipment is being serviced correctly and professionally.