Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced in July 2017 that it has acquired Oxfordshire, U.K.-based Cobalt Light Systems, a provider of highly differentiated Raman spectroscopic instruments for the pharmaceutical industry, applied markets and public safety.
Early identification of potentially hazardous objects is important for the safety, efficiency and critical decision making involved in hazmat incident management, first response, EOD (explosive ordinance disposal), law enforcement, and screening at ports and borders.

A new capability handheld through-barrier Raman identification enables operators to positively identify hazardous materials through opaque barriers. Removing the need to open or disturb containers means hazards are contained, reducing the risk to operators and the public. Objects can be examined quickly and efficiently meaning less time spent in protective gear. Evidence can be more easily preserved, and better-informed critical decisions can be made earlier in a hazardous response operation.