Trainer Smoke Machines – A Market Leader
An environmentally safe instruction in a dangerous environment scenario was difficult to create for most Training Departments until the introduction of “Trainer” equipment. At Trainer NA they have worked tirelessly to ensure that their smoke machines create the most realistic yet safe smoke effects. They are specifically designed for special training environments with both the Trainer 301 and 501 being water resistant. Trainer’s Fire Safety Training units are the safest way to simulate smoke and the best training solution for a variety of reasons. Trainer smoke generators are the only purpose-built machines for the Fire Training Industry and cannot be compared to “foggers” built for the entertainment industry. These machines incorporate intelligent digital controls which provide the training officer maximum control of smoke volume and hang time allowing a variety of training scenarios. The rugged design of Trainer machines in combination with the unique water-based fluid ensures these machines are the most economical smoke training equipment in the market.

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