Spencer are one of the largest manufacturers of emergency, rescue, safety and mortuary devices in the world. Spencer's range includes over 1,700 products, designed to protect operators, prevent injuries and deliver exceptional performance in decisive moments.

EMS Equipment
Spencer builds over 1,200 emergency equipment, ambulance stretchers, emergency ventilators, suction units, patient transport and handling systems, immobilization devices, medication kits, evacuation chairs and protective equipment for paramedics. Spencer's EMS products offer enhanced security for operators, low maintenance costs and are in compliance with international and regional safety and regulatory standards. 

Rescue Equipment
Spencer builds a broad range of rescue equipment that can be used in any kind of patient recovery and evacuation scenario. The devices Spencer supply are durable and designed to offer the best protection of the casualty and to facilitate recovery, immobilization or evacuation operations, even in confined spaces and extreme situations. 

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Spencer Emergency and Rescue Equipment