TRIFIRE is a specialised company which develops, produces and distributes fire training equipment. TRIFIRE’s aim is to enable successful fire training that meets the many demands of procurement managers as well as instructors and daily users. To them, successful fire training begins with a realistic fire, also in locations where this is normally near impossible due to safety precautions.

Long-time customers and satisfied daily users include the Royal Danish Navy, Army and Air Force, Danish fire brigades as well as fire training facilities in several other countries.

TRIFIRE delivers solutions that build on their extensive expertise – to improve fire training at every opportunity and at all times.

TRIFIRE products are made of the highest quality of stainless steel in Denmark to ensure that they can withstand the often extreme conditions faced during firefighting training. The equipment is extremely robust and reliable. TRIFIRE gives you a ten-year warranty on the frames and chassis on their burners.

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