Rescue Igloo. RIGLOO.

Rigloo design and manufacture inflatable, storm shelters for, initially, a vehicular breakdown shelter to protect you and your family, encouraging people to vacate their vehicle and move to the top of the verge away from direct collision danger with moving traffic.

Rigloo grew and pivoted and realised the desperation for a compact, reusable medical shelter to be provided to assist first responders from roadside to hillside and environmentally challenging environments. Although the original REFUGE model is capable of fulfilling this need, the new Professional RESCUER EMS model with a multitude of upgrades and “fit for purpose” improvements has recently been launched after over 4 years of Research and Development by some of the UK’s finest training facilities.

Rigloo products retain body heat as is a fully sealed storm shelter which makes it ideal, if you take a tumble on a hillside and have to wait for assistance from a SAR team.

Rigloo’s new RESCUER EMS model is ideal for protecting a patient’s dignity during first responder assessment and provides a protective bubble, shielding unwanted attention from passers-by and creating an instant field care triage space.

By controlling the environment we can lower the number of patients with prehospital hypothermia (defined as a core temperature below 36.0°C) which is frequently observed in patients admitted to the Emergency Room (ER), mainly due to a difficult and prolonged rescue, infusion of cold resuscitation fluids, weather conditions, age and a critical health condition.
Control the environment, control the outcome!

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