• Pre-Delivery at FRSA

Pre-Delivery at FRSA

The products supplied to emergency response clientele by FRSA and FRSNZ are generally of a “life-critical” nature in real world application, and therefore cannot be treated in a “box in / box out” manner many have come to expect from their supply chain for most products.

When you buy equipment from FRSA and FRSNZ, it is often manufactured overseas and undergoes a long journey prior to being put into service, so given that knowledge, all products sold by FRSA/FRSNZ are put through a rigorous pre-delivery process prior to sending it to you.

The term “pre-delivery service” generally pertains to a thorough visual inspection and function test, followed by a full OEM Annual Service less spare parts replacements. The equipment is then entered into our database so that we can pro-actively inform you that your equipment is due for its OEM-specified periodic service ahead of time.

Functionally, this means that clients can expect their equipment to arrive on site tested, under FRSA/FRSNZ certification and ready for immediate use, without faults and without missing components, every time. So, when selecting a partner to procure your life-critical emergency response assets, why not give FRSA and FRSNZ a try?