• Our New Partnership: Bridgehill

Our New Partnership: Bridgehill

FRSA and FRSNZ are excited to announce that we are now partners with Bridgehill. Bridgehill is dedicated to protecting lives, property and the environment. From car fires to house fires and wildfires, Bridgehill fire blankets enable you to quickly and safely isolate a fire before it causes greater damage or loss of life. All Bridgehill products use BridgeTech™, a unique heat-resistant fabric based on the material used to protect spacecraft from intense heat. They are designed by engineers, tested by firefighters and simple enough for anyone to use.

Thinking new ideas: Space-age technology, advanced engineering and natural materials, like quartz. All Bridgehill products have one thing in common: they use new ideas and modern engineering to surpass existing limits. This combination of cutting-edge technology and alternative thinking helps Bridgehill stay at the forefront of the firefighting industry as they constantly identify new ways to improve. 

Developed by firefighters: If there’s one group of people who knows fire better than anyone, it’s firefighters. Bridgehill consult with firefighters during the entire development process, from initial idea to repeat testing in the field. Bridgehill listens to what they say and make adjustments as needed. This is one reason why Bridgehill products are the best on the market, praised by firefighters and authorities worldwide. 

Exhaustive testing: One test is never enough. All Bridgehill products are tested multiple times in different scenarios and at different test centers. Because, if a product is going to save your life, it needs to work. All Bridgehill products are tested and approved. 

The extra quality mile: Every notch on the quality scale means a more reliable fire equipment for Bridgehill users. That’s why Bridgehill only work with carefully selected textile production partners known for exceptional quality and expertise. Every product goes through strict quality assurance at a number of stages before being approved for sale, so you know it will deliver when you need it. 

See below for the range of Bridgehill products:

Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket PRO X
The Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket enables you to contain the flames, smoke and toxic fumes in a car fire in seconds. It’s the only solution that can effectively handle fires in electric vehicles. 

Suitable for professional firefighters and other organizations that may have to deal with multiple fires. Blocks and isolate fire in electric vehicles.

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Bridgehill Lithium Fire Blanket

Immediately isolates toxic gases and smoke and protects civilians from carcinogen exposure. A lithium fire blanket is the simplest, safest, and most effective way to isolate lithium battery fires- such as in e-scooters, e-bikes, and open battery fires.

Lithium battery fires don’t respond to traditional fire extinguishers, which makes even small lithium battery fires extremely dangerous. The Bridgehill Lithium Fire Blanket isolates a burning lithium battery safely for hours.

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Bridgehill Extreme Fire Blanket

The fastest, simplest and most eco-friendly way to isolate and extinguish small fires. Even isolate lithium batteries such as in e-scooters and e-bikes.

Even a small fire can cause tremendous damage. If it gets out of hand, the consequences can be disastrous. The Bridgehill Extreme Fire Blanket enables you to isolate the flames from a small fire in seconds.

The fire blanket comes with a metal chain integrated to add weight for easier use. 

The Extreme fire blanket is ideal for battery fires, e-scooters and bikes, workshops, storage for small or large amounts of lithium batteries, restaurant kitchens, industry tools, the recycling industry, marine, aviation and military. 

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Bridgehill Forklift Fire Blanket

The most efficient way to isolate and extinguish a fire in forklifts and pallet trucks, even isolate fire in electric forklifts.
Fire is one of the most common causes of damage and downtime in factories, warehouses, and other workplaces. The smoke alone can ruin valuable stock and equipment. If a fire is not isolated quickly, the consequences can be disastrous. The Bridgehill Forklift Fire Blanket enables you to isolate the flames, smoke, and toxic fumes in seconds – and extinguish the fire in minutes. It works effectively on forklifts, small vehicles, and machinery, and is the only solution to also work on vehicles with lithium batteries.

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