• Our 2023 Wrapped

Our 2023 Wrapped

Here at FRSA and FRSNZ, we have had a massive 2023 with many exciting developments throughout the year. From a vast range of new partnerships, new products, and new roles within the company as we continue to grow, 2023 has been one of our biggest years yet. We would like to thank you all for your support throughout the year, and we look forward to working with you in 2024.


New Partnerships

Earlier this year, we began working with Seek Thermal who specialises in high-quality, affordable thermal imaging sensors and products. Their range of products including the FirePRO Series and AttackPRO Series revolutionises the way firefighters navigate through low visibility conditions with increased situational awareness and faster searches.

A further new partnership developed in 2023 was with KASK and their range of quality safety helmets produced in Italy. KASK's mission is to maintain a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety, and attractive design in their products. The Zenith, Zenith X, and HP helmets all meet the highest safety standards and have a range of accessories available to suit the task at hand.

BLAZETAMER380 is an additional new partner of FRSA and FRSNZ. Their product, BLAZETAMER380, is an aerial water-enhancer fire suppression direct-attack solution, built to fight wildland fires. BLAZETAMER380 is the non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally safe water additive, proven to be harmless to humans, animals, and vegetation.

From the creators of Euramco, Kraken Power has become a valued partner of FRSA and FRSNZ. Kraken Power designs, manufactures and supplies innovative sustainable solutions for energy storage and conversion. With their new products, instagrid and the Charging Hub, Kraken Power continues to innovate and change the game for zero-emission power supply for emergency services.


New Products

Throughout the year, there have been a long list of new innovations that have been released from both new and long-standing FRSA and FRSNZ partners.

Notably, 2023 has been a year of innovation for Holmatro, with two new products being announced earlier this year, as well as the Next-Generation of their Pentheon Series announced this month. The T1 hydraulic forcible entry tool allows you to cut, wedge, ram, spread, hammer, and lift. OmniShore, replacing the PowerShore Series, is a revolutionary shoring system reimagined from the ground up, designed in accordance with the highest standards of quality and safety. Pentheon Next-Gen has all new features including Bluetooth connectivity linked to the MyHolmatro app that allows the user to have real-time diagnostics as the tool is being used.

Task Force Tips (TFT) released Air Cards earlier this year, complimenting their growing range of TFT Health products. These Air Cards are a VOC detection device that tests for harmful levels of VOC’s in the air you could be breathing in. With this testing, it can be determined whether decontamination and filtration solutions such as the CrewProtect are required to keep you safe.

Earlier this year, Kraken Power released both instagrid and the Charging Hub in 2023. The zero-emission battery generator, instagrid, is lightweight and compact and can reach a peak of 18kW. It can charge vehicle extrication tools in remote areas, and also run a variety of equipment including PPV fans and compressors. The Charging Hub is an on-board power supply that ensures tools are being fully-charged and mission ready.

Seek Thermal have released a variety of thermal imaging cameras this year. The FirePRO series which includes the FirePRO 200 and FirePRO 300, is a compact series of thermal imaging cameras that are built for all members of the team. The AttackPRO Series is a larger thermal imaging camera range featuring AttackPRO and AttackPRO+ that is ideal choice for captains and commanding officers. Released later in the year, Seek Thermal’s G300 is the first of the Guardian Series and is an all-in-one thermal monitoring solution for early fire detection, condition monitoring, and process control. The Seek G300 lets you detect potential issues before they escalate with real-time temperature monitoring.

Growth of the Company

Over 2023, our team has grown by 18% as FRSA continues to expand and acquire more resources. From additional Regional Sales Managers, Service Technicians, and operational team members, we are continuously working to make your experience with FRSA as streamlined and efficient as possible. FRSNZ has seen growth with a Service Technician now dedicated to New Zealand’s clients.

2024 will continue to see growth with new roles on the horizon. Be sure to keep an eye out here for any opportunities that arise over the next year.


Events of 2023

FRSA and FRSNZ are proud to support various events across the Asia Pacific every year and 2023 was no exception. Earlier in the year, we attended the Australasian Rescue Challenge 2023 (ARC23) as Gold Sponsors. This event was held in Adelaide this year, and our team got their hands dirty, working with the competing teams in our dedicated FRSA pit with Holmatro Pentheon tools.

FRSA and FRSNZ also attended AFAC this year in Brisbane, where we were proudly recognised as Platinum Sponsors of the annual event. Debuting a new-look stand, we also had a range of new products on display at this exhibition. AFAC23 was a great opportunity to catch-up with our valued clients and partners and we look forward to doing the same next year!

Over in New Zealand, FRSNZ attended UFBA where a range of new products and key products were front and centre of our stand. It was once again a key event for the team to touch base with clients and showing them the new innovations of the year.

The Mining Emergency Response Competition (MERC) 2023 was held last month in which we were proud Silver Sponsors. With fifteen teams competing this year, it was an exciting event to attend!

Over the year, there were many other competitions and events that we are proudly involved in and enjoy attending. The QMRS competition, SAMERC, Kalgoorlie competitions, and ResEx are just a few of the events we have taken part in this year. We are excited for all of the events we will continue to attend next year!

Looking Ahead – 2024

To our valued partners and clients, we thank you all for the continued support over the year, and we are looking forward to continuing our work with you in 2024. Stay tuned for exciting new developments and innovations that are coming soon!

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