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Thermal Imaging Cameras Re-written

15 May 2016

Thermal Imaging Cameras Re-written teaser

Need a Thermal Imaging Camera? FRSA and Argus have multiple solutions for you.
Argus were first to build a TIC for firefighting and remain ahead of the game, the new Mi-TIC range provides Thermal Imaging for Individuals, Teams, Hazmat or Search & Rescue.
We can even include your own logo on the screen to added security of ownership. Lightest TIC in the world starting at only 765grams (Mi-TIC-E) through to 870 grams (Mi-TIC-S).

The Mi-TIC range allows the use to configure the TIC for specific applications or multiple applications dependant on user requirements whilst maintaining NFPA certification and requirements.

Don’t have a large budget?  The Mi-TIC is configurable and upgradable as funding becomes available, starting at around $4500 +GST.

Features include:

  • Fire
  • Overhaul
  • Size Up
  • Inspection
  • White Hot
  • Missing Persons
  • Heat Seeker Mode
  • Cold Seeker Mode

All this plus 1000 photo images and 8 hours of video, compass, Tri-mode sensitivity, digital Temperature measurement, image freeze and laser pointer.
Contact one of the friendly product experts at FRSA for more information.

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