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The Most Flexible Battery operated PPV Blower... EVER

12 Oct 2017

The Most Flexible Battery operated PPV Blower... EVER teaser

A powerful battery-operated ventilator that is ready to go when its needed and capable of handling any mechanical ventilation that is called for.
The swappable batteries not only eliminates run-time issues, but also provides confidence for long useful life of the equipment.  “Other brands out there with built-in batteries required expensive return shipments to the factory when it was time for a battery replacement.  RAMFAN really stepped up the game with this one.”
The Ram Fan is IP66 with swappable battery packs providing ingress protection to protect against the inevitable sweep of the fire hose.  The super tough hard-anodized extruded aluminium pack design and Mil Spec cable connectors are ready for abuse.  The ability to have extra packs ready to go removes the limitations of other battery fan concepts, leading towards full corded fan replacement on the fire ground.

Features Include:

  • Average Run time 40 minutes @ Max Speed utilising the 40V Lithium-ion battery.
  • Integrated LED flood lights are standard, delivering 500 lumens of illumination directly at the entry point of the structure.
  • Balanced and Rugged frame design allows the EX50Li to be suspended from a door bar for smoke ejection operations.
  • Duct adapter allows for use in confined space rescue operations.
  • Integrated misting system makes rehab and dust abatement easy.
  • 3 year warranty, many accessories available, ducting, spare batteries, integrated mister, door hanger.

Ask one of the friendly product experts at FRSA for more information.

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