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TFT Crossfire - Portable ground monitor with BSP inlet/outlet


TFT Crossfire Portable Ground Monitor with BSP Dual 2.5-Inch BSP Inlet and 2.5-Inch BSP Outlet. The Crossfire with its 1250gpm rated flow in fixed or portable operations, integrates the unique Safe-Tak valve to prevent unintentional movement during operations. Includes Master Stream Tip with Halo Automatic. Flow range of 600-4500 l/min. Fully automatic Master Stream nozzle for use on monitors, ladder pipes, deluge guns, and aerial platforms. Constant nozzle pressure regulated to 100 psi (7 bar). Includes halo ring for manual pattern control. Rubber bumper incorporates TFT Power Fog teeth for fully-filled, finger-free fog pattern. Lightweight hardcoat anodized aluminum for maximum resistance to corrosion and wear. 2.5-Inch BSP threads inlet coupling. Package includes XFT-BJ Crossfire Monitor, MR1250S Nozzle and XFB storage bracket.

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