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TFT Blitzfire Monitor Kit (OSC) - c/w Max Force Nozzle


TFT Blitztire Oscillating Monitor Kit c/w Max Force Nozzle, Truck Bracket and BSP Inlet. Flow range up to 2000 lpm. The monitor features low friction inlet and outlet pivots. Elevation is manually adjustable between 10 and 50 degrees above horizontal. The water driven turbine makes the nozzle automatically sweep 10, 15, or 20 degrees either side of center. The SAFETY SHUT-OFF VALVE will shut off flow if monitor slides or lifts. It has six detent flow positions with a patented turbulence-free slide valve for operator flow control. Stowed in storage bracket overall size is 88.4 x 26.7 x 24.4 cm. Standard inlet is 2.5-Inch BSP (65mm) swivel rocker lug coupling. Standard outlet is 2.5-Inch BSP rigid male threads. Package includes XXC-33 Blitzfire OSC Monitor, MD22-A Max-Force Nozzle and XX-B Storage Bracket.

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