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FireAde 2000 MultiClass - 200Ltr Drum


FireAde 2000 is the most complete and user friendly firefighting agent produced in the world. Numerous firefighting agents claim to be Class A and B compliant; however they comply with NFPA 18/2006 wetting agent classification only. This classification is recognized within the fire service solely as a Class A agent. FireAde® 2000 complies with NFPA 18/2006 wetting agent and UL 162 foam liquid concentrate. This awards FireAde® 2000 a TRUE Class A and B classification approval. FireAde® 2000 eliminates all of the long-established issues of Class B foams; it will not clog, gum, or corrode foam systems and equipment. The global environmental impact system (EIS) for firefighting foams rates all foams on acute aquatic toxicity. FireAde® 2000 rates lower than the majority of Class A foams with the USDA forestry approval and declared fluorine free foams. FireAde® 2000 offers the simplicity of us

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