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PVStop is the only solution on the global market that safely isolates the power produced by solar panels in all weather conditions. It eliminates the risk of high voltage DC electrocution by acting as a “liquid tarpaulin”, shutting down the solar PV system in seconds.

PVStop adheres to the surface of the panel and cannot be dislodged by wind, rain, hail or snow and once a threat has been eliminated can simply be peeled off without causing any damage to the system for up to 12 months after application.

What is PVStop?

 PVStop is a water based polymer that forms a block out coating when applied to a solar PV system.

The delivery system currently employed is a 4.5L, 9L, 30L, 50L, 70L & 90L stainless steel pressure vessel that resembles a fire extinguisher. This application system is a user friendly method of deployment familiar to all emergency services personnel and safety professionals.

The delivery range of the portable pressure vessel is approximately 10 metres, allowing application from a safe distance from the panels and the “DC Danger Zone”.

To render the PV system electrically safe, the application only requires a partial 40% coverage across the centre of the solar PV array.

Once applied, the coating can be peeled off with no damage to the PV system whatsoever.

PVStops Key Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates the risk of DC electrocution
  • Non-flammable & fire retardant
  • Non-conductive & anti-arcing
  • Effective in all weather conditions
  • Quick drying
  • Delivery range of up to 10m, eliminating the need to climb on the roof
  • Encases nano-particles  (during fire or salvage operations)
  • No damage to the PV System
  • Simply peels off after use
  • Environmentally friendly and can be disposed of with normal household waste
  •  Independently tested and verified by BRE Global and the ETV Program
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