About Us


Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA) is an organisation that runs parallel to those who strategically manage the emergency management process.  We are professional equipment suppliers who provide expertise in equipment selection to ensure the myriad of products available on the market today are in fact fit for purpose.

FRSA is a partner whom you can trust to provide the right advice and support through the emergency management cycle.  Our team of professionals have strong backgrounds and expertise in varying disciplines of emergency response and provide exceptional levels of support around the clock when you need it most.

FRSA can assist you through the four phases of emergency management with specialist equipment designed for the most demanding situations.

It is not by chance that FRSA has the best products in the world! FRSA consistently seeks new technology from leading manufacturers who develop innovative products often not yet seen in the Australian market.  The chance to offer our customers a better product that can make a positive impact is a challenge we take very seriously.  We know any edge we can give our customers could ultimately save a life.

Unrivalled Service & Support
FRSA is a unique company with a holistic approach to our service. We offer unbiased advice exceptional service and back our products with a comprehensive maintenance program designed to ensure your investment is protected through its operational life. At FRSA your needs are our number one priority!

Project Solutions
FRSA offers a suite of services designed to assist you manage the process required to establish an emergency response capability for your new project.  FRSA staff will tailor a solution designed to address your projects risk profile.  Our consultative process is illustrated below.

Our project solutions are centred around three core areas, with the ultimate goal of providing you a first class Emergency Response Capability, These are;

Emergency Infrastructure
Design and Project Management of key infrastructure such as Medical Clinics, Emergency Response Stations, Training rooms and on-site Equipment Service Centres.

Emergency Vehicles
Design, Supply and Commissioning of all onsite emergency vehicles including ambulances, fire appliances and rapid intervention vehicles.

Emergency Equipment
Consultancy and supply of all types of emergency
response equipment.

It’s a true ‘single source solution’

For further information please download the FRSA Corporate Profile.